December 9, 2023

Although Ange Postecoglou has done a great job at Tottenham, it’s easy to forget that the Australian had a difficult time finding a manager before he was hired.


In fact, Spurs searched all over the houses for a new manager following Antonio Conte’s departure, and Harry Redknapp once declared that he would have gladly entered.


Many people questioned whether Redknapp was making jokes when he made those remarks, but in an interview with Chris Cowlin on his YouTube channel, Redknapp said that he was serious about the prospect of returning to Tottenham and that, if it had come down to it, he would have accepted the position even if there was no pay.

Had Redknapp been hired by Tottenham

The manager who won the FA Cup discussed his desire to rejoin Spurs.


“No, I would have done it, even if it had been pointless. That’s what I would have done. Honestly, I would have adored it. I believe things would have turned out differently if I could have brought in the players. I would have gotten them going and given the place a boost. Redknapp stated, “I was serious, yes. I didn’t expect it to happen, but I was asked, and I said I would, and I would have done.”


superior to Stellini

superior to Stellini

Even though we can make jokes about Redknapp returning to Tottenham at the age of 74, it might not have been a bad idea to bring him in toward the end of the previous campaign.


Naturally, Cristian Stellini was left to fill in for Antonio Conte, but he was fired very soon after, and it’s unlikely Redknapp could have performed any worse than the Italian.


Whatever your thoughts about Redknapp’s strategies in 2023, he has always been a good man manager, and he probably would have improved Spurs’ spirits if he had been given some games to manage at the end of the previous campaign.


Maybe Tottenham would be playing European football this season if they went for Redknapp rather than Stellini.

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