December 12, 2023

Former England manager Fabio Capello has issued a warning: if Zlatan Ibrahimovic visits Newcastle this week, there may be brewing issues.


This comes after an earlier today official statement from AC Milan.


Ibrahimovic will join AC Milan as a “Operating Partner” and “Senior Advisor to Ownership and Senior Management,” the team’s owners announced.


job titles with a wide range of possible interpretations.


Stefano Pioli, the manager of AC Milan, is currently under intense pressure.


Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Ibrahimovic, a former standout player, is returning to the team.


Despite AC Milan’s third-place finish in Serie A, there have been calls for the manager to be fired. The truth is that they are nine points behind the leaders, Inter, who are their city rivals. While the pressure has increased due to recent results.


Saturday’s 3-2 loss at Atalanta means that AC Milan has now lost five of their last ten games overall and only won three.


Stefano Pioli and AC Milan can only survive in Europe if they win at St. James’ Park, but in order to do so, Dortmund must also defeat PSG in order to advance to the Champions League.


Fabio Capello, a former manager of AC Milan who is well-versed in the club’s politics, discussed the return of Ibrahimovic to Milan with Sky Sport Italia today and believes Stefano Pioli will be under even more pressure as a result:


“With this statement, we’re not sure if he can access the locker room, if he can support Pioli, or if Pioli could lose his leadership as a result of Ibrahimovic’s integration into Milan. This, in my opinion, is the most crucial point.


On the other hand, Ibrahimovic might increase the players’ drive by helping them realize that they are all being watched, giving them more willpower to go for significant outcomes, beginning with the Newcastle game.


Will Ibrahimovic travel to Newcastle right away with the team?


“If he does, it indicates that Pioli is no longer the sole object of great trust.


“We need to wait and see what Ibrahimovic does going forward.


“If his role will change, if this is a role for the future, or if it has to do with January signings.


“In the four days between the next two games, we will comprehend this.”


Reading between the lines in this situation doesn’t require a genius.


With a hugely popular fan figure like Ibrahimovic now joining the team, Pioli will be under a lot of pressure if the AC Milan results don’t improve, particularly if they lose to Newcastle United and exit Europe altogether.


All eyes now on whether Ibrahimovic does indeed turn up on Tyneside this midweek.




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