December 16, 2023

After firing Brandon Staley on Friday, the Los Angeles Chargers are expected to make a big statement when they select their next head coach, according to some oddsmakers. unveiled odds for potential Chargers head coach candidates shortly after Staley’s dismissal. Out of the 11 nominees, Bill Belichick came in first place with a 3/1 rating.


From @betonline_ag: Chances of the next head coach of the Chargers


Belichick, Bill 3/1; Smith, Frank 4/1; Moore, Kellen Moore, Ben Johnson, 7/1; Slowik, Bobby 8/1; Flores, Brian 9/1; Harbaugh, Jim 9/1; Bieniemy, Eric 10/1; Quinn, Dan 14/1; Mayo, Jerod 14/1; Riley, Lincoln 14/1.


— December 15, 2023, Mark Daniels (@ByMarkDaniels)


Belichick was closely followed by offensive coordinators for the Miami Dolphins Frank Smith and the Chargers Kellen Moore at 4/1


Belichick is undoubtedly the most intriguing name on the list.


Belichick’s hiring by the Chargers would require a number of circumstances. The 71-year-old coach’s departure from the New England Patriots would be the first move. This week, a veteran Patriots writer said that the team had already made the decision to get go of Belichick at the end of the campaign.


A possible reason for the Patriots not to remove Belichick is that he has a contract that runs through 2024. New England will probably try to trade Belichick to another team if he and team owner Robert Kraft agree to an amicable parting of ways and Belichick wishes to continue coaching. It’s uncertain if the Chargers would consent to forfeit their draft-pick money  and make Belichick one of the highest-paid coaches in the NFL.


There has been talk for weeks that Belichick could land with the Chargers in 2024. Now that Staley has been fired, that speculation will continue to grow.

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