December 18, 2023

Just a few weeks after Leeds United was mentioned as a possible suitor for the Chilean international, Ben Brereton Diaz of Villarreal is reportedly of interest to Boca Juniors. The deal would happen in January.

Despite frequently being utilized as a winger, 24-year-old Brereton Diaz was a standout player for Blackburn over the previous two seasons, amassing 36 Championship goals for the Rovers. He was promoted due to his performance for Chile and Blackburn.

In summer, he became a Villarreal player. However, Brereton Diaz has had difficulty at Villarreal. In 19 games, he has not assisted on a single goal or goal. He believed he had won the match against Sevilla, drawing 1-1.

But it was categorically rejected. Leeds has been dubbed “one to watch” in anticipation of a potential January transfer for the Chilean star. There are further links including Palace, Burnley, Leicester, Southampton, and West Brom.


However, a report from TyC Sports in Argentina currently states that, despite a recent presidential transition, South American powerhouse Argentina is ready to entice Brereton Diaz to the team. The cost of him is £8.6 million.

Leeds United’s Ben Brereton Diaz is now a target for Boca Juniors.

Brereton Diaz must make a significant choice. It is obvious that he needs to join a Premier League team in order to keep his spot in Chile’s national team. He is currently not performing well at Villarreal. His playing side is a premier side.

Brereton Diaz would be taking a step backwards if he moved to Leeds, at least initially. It might work out well for everyone if he assisted us in being promoted. His best would undoubtedly be a Premier League.


However, Brereton Diaz should only consider a move later in his career—not at this early point—rather than leaving Europe to join Boca. His Villarreal deal is set to expire in the summer of 2027.




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