December 19, 2023

Sandro Tonali’s English has improved dramatically since joining from AC Milan over the summer, according to Dan Burn.


The defender said in an interview with Ben Foster’s podcast that while at first he found it hard to interact with the Italian and get involved in things he didn’t understand, his English is now “unbelievable.”


His English was not very good when he initially arrived. It’s challenging. He remarked, “You want to involve him in everything, but it’s difficult because you can’t communicate.



But just now, his English is ridiculous. Remarkable…The other day, I was saying to him, “Wow, your English is much better!”


Burn refuted reports that he was sent to Wetherspoons by his colleagues as soon as he arrived from Milan! Watch the video below:




It’s a wonderful opportunity for the midfield player to pick up the language, and it appears he’s doing just that, since the 23-year-old is prohibited from playing football until August 2024 due to his involvement in illicit betting!


Tonali must have gone through a difficult period, but small gestures like this will go a long way toward helping him win over his Toon teammates and integrate into the team at what must have been an extremely trying moment.


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