December 19, 2023

spotted: Earlier this month, Jerry Jones, the wealthy owner of the Dallas Cowboys, brought his megayacht into town and anchored at Butler’s Wharf. The 81-year-old’s private jet landed at Stansted, the closest airport to Tottenham, at about the same time.

How on earth could he be doing this? Spy believes he might be trying to acquire Spurs.


Nevertheless, neither party would explain the situation to us. When asked whether Jones’s executives had met with him, Tottenham did not reply, and Jones’s representative declined to comment on why he was in London.


Over the years, a number of US billionaires who owned NFL teams—including Stan Kroenke, the owner of Arsenal and the LA Rams, and the Glazer family, the owners of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Manchester United—have also acquired shares in Premier League teams.



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