December 19, 2023

Gary Lineker has now held back some praise for Ange Postecoglou and his team following Tottenham Hotspur’s victory over Nottingham Forest.

Tottenham maintained their poise and two-nil lead on Friday even after Yves Bissouma was sent off.

And as we get deeper into this hectic holiday season, Spurs appear to be gaining significant momentum.

Furthermore, Ange Postecoglou and his unwavering mentality deserve all the credit for their successful run.

Given the recent spate of unavailability and bad luck the Spurs have experienced, many would have been tempted to park the bus, so to speak, and give up.

Speaking on the podcast “The Rest is Football,” Gary Lineker expressed his admiration for Postecoglou’s Tottenham team’s performance thus far.

remarked Lineker: “Spurs! After a fantastic start to the season, things were looking a little bleak a week or so ago, but they have since recovered with some excellent performances.

“Although they are still missing two or three of their best players, they put on excellent performances, and I must admit, I do enjoy watching their football.” Ange ball! It’s excellent.

It’s refreshing that we will still go for it and enjoy our football despite whatever happens. We all know that this is a results-driven industry, so if they fail, everyone will be saying, ‘You can’t play that way, you can’t do this,’ but in the end, it’s entertaining to watch. And it ought to be that way.


Gary Lineker is a fan of Ange Postecoglou’s style of play with Tottenham.

Of course, very few would contest Lineker’s assertion that Spurs have developed into a team that is thrilling to watch even for non-fans.

And anyone rooting for the teams who rival Tottenham could be worrying about the worst now.

Because there was a lot going on throughout the summer, Postecoglou hasn’t had much time to assemble his team.

And it does seem like a critical moment for the team going into January.

Even Lineker, for all his adulation, has to believe that Postecoglou needs more support at Tottenham in January—more players with more quality and quantity.

Nevertheless, Spurs received wonderful news yesterday when they learned that a target center back, valued at £40 million, would love to join the team.

It’s widely assumed that Tottenham would like to add a forward and a midfielder to their roster next month in addition to a center back.

Just as Lineker has been liked on the field, it will undoubtedly be interesting to watch.


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