December 19, 2023

Jack Harrison of Leeds United is someone that Everton boss Sean Dyche hopes to bring in on a long-term basis.


Harrison moved to Goodison Park on a straight loan agreement in August, one of eight senior players of the first team squad from the previous season to depart on loan in the summer.


Harrison was a player Leeds had hoped to keep throughout the summer, but they were sadly unable to do so. Angus Kinnear has subsequently expressed the club’s unhappiness at Harrison’s departure.


Though Dyche is very anxious to sign Harrison permanently, Leeds Live has since confirmed that suggestions that Everton has a £20 million option to buy Harrison are inaccurate.

David Ornstein stated at the time of Harrison’s departure that Everton would try to sign Harrison eventually. Given that survival is probable even after a 10-point deduction, it wouldn’t be shocking if they proceeded with that.


Harrison’s long-term agreement benefits all sides.

Harrison’s tenure at Everton has been passable if a little uneven, with a few excellent games interspersed with some dreadful ones.


Leeds fans won’t be too surprised by that because, despite his stellar performance in the Premier League, he was always prone to blow hot and cold.



That being said, whether Leeds are promoted back to the Premier League this season or not, a permanent agreement is undoubtedly in the best interests of all parties involved.


Harrison recently signed a new long-term contract at Elland Road in May, so it’s unknown how much Everton would have to spend to get him at this time, but it should be far more than the £11 million Manchester City paid to acquire him.


Fortunately, Leeds has no shortage of players in his position. There has also been talk of Luis Sinisterra perhaps returning early from his loan.

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