December 19, 2023

Angel Cabrera, the former winner of the Masters, has apparently received permission to rejoin the PGA Tour.


On August 4, Cabrera was granted his release from prison following a two-year detention period for offenses related to domestic abuse.


Because of the way he moves, the golfer is known as El Pato (The Duck). He was found guilty of crimes involving two previous girlfriends.


He talked about his desire to play on the PGA Tour Champions again after being released, but would he get the chance?


Handicap54 was informed by a PGA Tour official that “he will be suspended again if his procedural situation worsens.”


“Anyway, as we said, Angel Cabrera will be able to play on any circuit belonging to the PGA Tour starting in 2024.”


Cabrera recently completed his first 72-hole tournament since his prison release, posting a T-10 at the Abierto del Litoral.


Following that, he gave Golf Digest a lengthy interview in which he disclosed that he was now a spouse and a parent.


Two months after his release, he wed Yamila Alvarez, his partner of four years. November 2022 saw the birth of their son Felipe.


According to Cabrera, becoming a father has taught him how to be a decent person.


Regarding his incarceration, he told the publication, “I no longer look for people to blame.”


“While I was in custody, I came to the realization that I most likely wouldn’t be here today if I had continued to be out and behaved the way I had.


“There were times when I thanked God for my incarceration while I lay in my cell. What I was engaged in was so crazy.



All of this was done to me. However, it’s finished. I cannot take back my actions. All I can do is keep going and try something new.”


Cabrera has expressed his wish to play the 2024 Masters at Augusta National again.


“It would be a great privilege to return and to attend the Champions Dinner with so many of the golf world’s greatest players,” he stated.


Regarding whether Cabrera will be allowed to tee it up in the major, Augusta National officials remained silent.

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