December 19, 2023

The pair drew attention not just for their performance but also for their attire. Tiger, a 15-time major champion, wore his signature red polo shirt with the Nike logo, a brand he has been associated with since 1996.


However, rumours suggest that Tiger’s nearly 30-year relationship with Nike could end in 2024. These speculations were fuelled when it was revealed that Charlie would not be following his father’s Nike path.


Rather, Charlie was spotted in the Florida event sporting clothing from Justin Thomas’s company, Greyson Clothiers. Charlie was greeted to the Greyson Clothiers ‘family’ on social media by fellow ambassador Larry Fitzgerald, who validated this alliance.


In the past, Charlie has frequently been spotted sporting Nike clothing and his dad’s own TW collection. While at the PNC Championship, Tiger himself was still sporting Nike gear, but there are now many rumors that this may be the final time he does.



One of the most well-known sports sponsorships in the world is Woods’ partnership with Nike, which has brought the company close to £400 million.Tiger responded with a simple “I’m still wearing their” when asked about his future with Nike at the Florida event.


Despite more attempts to get a straight answer about their partnership continuing into 2024, he once again repeated, “I’m still wearing their product.”

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