December 20, 2023

Ethan Ampadu, a midfielder for Leeds United, maintains that he is not experiencing any weariness in advance of the hectic Christmas season.


Ampadu joined Leeds this season after leaving Chelsea in an initial £7 million move, and he has played every minute of the team’s 24 games across all competitions.


Throughout the season, the 23-year-old has been among Leeds’ greatest and most reliable players, but he has recently declined in performance, maybe giving his worst performance of the season away to Sunderland last week.


Ampadu was asked in an earlier this week interview with Leeds Live if his modest decline in form was due to the amount of games he has played, a question he declined to answer.


I can’t sit here for a minute and say, ‘I want to play every minute,’ and then whine that I might be a little fatigued, he remarked. It’s not too complicated or difficult.


“I need to take care of my body, rest, and recover properly in between games so that I can look a little less exhausted for the full 90 minutes.”


Farke must improve his rotation for Leeds


Regardless matter the outcome, it is certain that Ampadu is the cornerstone of this Leeds squad and that Daniel Farke is hesitant to ever play without him.


Glen Kamara is frequently benched for an additional attacker when Leeds is behind in a game, leaving Ampadu to handle the midfield on his own.



Nevertheless, Farke did comment last week that Ampadu might use some improvement on his long passing game as his play has somewhat deteriorated recently.


Ampadu will never acknowledge that weariness is affecting him, but after playing so much football this season, it is undeniable that it has contributed to his recent decline in performance.


Farke should have faith in Ilia Gruev, who has been Leeds’ bench warmer every week since joining the team in the summer, to perform a task, even if it is replacing Ampadu.












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