December 21, 2023

This week, Micah Parsons went in-depth on his emotions towards individuals criticising the Dallas Cowboys on his podcast, The Edge. The team led by Parsons recently suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of the Buffalo Bills, 31-10, which was decidedly closer than the final score indicated. The two-time All-Pro hit back at pundits who made fun of quarterback Dak Prescott and his squad.


This is what he said:


“Why everyone just waits for the Cowboys to lose is beyond me. I saw several false analysts, guys who acquired employment on TV by stating things like, “There goes your boy.” The fact that past players are waiting for current players to falter so they have something to talk about is getting to the point where it’s almost unhealthy. “It’s not even just about names.” You seem to know who you are by now, in my opinion.


Against the Bills, Prescott had a terrible game. He completed just 21 of 34 passes for 134 yards, no touchdowns, and one interception. Dallas struggled to 195 total yards of offence, and he averaged a pitiful 3.9 yards per attempt. Buffalo, on the other hand, gained 266 rushing yards alone.


Parsons was not pleased with the remarks made against Prescott:


“Oh my goodness, there he is.” That’s the individual we have been anticipating. Why do you want someone to suffer such a great loss? I believe I enjoy the game. I don’t want to see Josh Allen suffer injuries at the end of the day, regardless of who I’m portraying. I don’t want him to fall short. I hope he pursues his career further. Of course, my goal is to beat him when we’re playing and lined up (against each other). However, it appears that a lot of people are merely waiting for others to go wrong.


I understand Parsons’ desire to stand up for his group and other players, but this is the environment we live in. Why is this unexpected? People are going to take it personally when you lose a major game. When you win important games, you’ll receive the same amount of plaudits.


For weeks, Prescott was thought to be the clear favourite to win the NFL MVP award, and the Cowboys were now considered NFC favourites. Parsons didn’t appear to mind that his team was showered with accolades. And when the pendulum finally swings the other way, he shouldn’t be shocked.

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