December 20, 2023

Head coach of the Dolphins Mike McDaniel says he isn’t worried about any stories claiming his club is incapable of defeating elite opponents.


Despite their 10-4 record, the Dolphins have a 0-3 record when playing teams with winning records right now. When asked today if the Dolphins will have doubts before their game against the Cowboys on Sunday about their capacity to defeat a strong team, McDaniel responded that he is only worried about the Cowboys and not the questions.


“I gave the players permission to tell all media members to, with all due respect, F off about anything other than talking about themselves and the next opponent, which is the Dallas Cowboys for us, or any other story about good teams, playoff seeds, or the next three games. Respectfully, McDaniel stated. “Because the Dallas Cowboys are our main concern and they truly merit our attention.” The stories will be what they are as we work to improve our game from the prior iteration. We’re not overly worried. Although we are aware of its existence, it is essentially unrelated to our goals.


The 10-4 Cowboys, 11-3 Ravens, and 8-6 Bills are the three strong clubs the Dolphins still have to play. They must find a way to defeat a team that is winning.


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