December 21, 2023

We are excited to have Dr. Daniel Plumley, a specialist in football finance, join us as our exclusive writer. He will share his thoughts on the main topics surrounding Aston Villa.


After the drama of this season, Dan Plumley has stated that Aston Villa may negotiate a new kit provider arrangement worth more than their present one with Castore.


After protesting about the “wet look” of the shirts, the Villans are anticipated to sever their existing contract with the manufacturer at the conclusion of this season [The Telegraph].


The financial guru acknowledged that Villa Park’s Champions League football potential opens doors to better partnerships with bigger names and financial backing.


He exclusively told Villa News, “This is where the club can regain some control over the kit argument.”


“We are aware that the kit provider often keeps the proceeds from shirt sales aside from the most elite clubs, so one way the clubs can exert some influence is by switching kit providers, though obviously that would rely on the team’s performance on the pitch.


“If you’re Aston Villa right now, things are going really well. If they can continue to play well through the end of the Premier League season, we might qualify for the Champions League.”

“From a kit perspective, that then opens up a different kind of commercial partner. While I don’t mean to disparage Castore, Villa will, understandably, be seeking in the Champions League where bigger and better deals are available.


“That’s where the club can step up and have a little more control over the kit situation by getting into a new contract with a bigger brand, which could bring in more money for the club.”


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