January 5, 2024

In addition to providing the most recent information on anything transfer-related, David Ornstein also spoke briefly on Kalvin Phillips.


One of the most sought-after players in this January window is Phillips. He is drawing a lot of attention and is overly necessary.


Liverpool and teams like Newcastle are competitive in the Premier League.Along with Juventus and PSG, Tottenham is also said to have expressed interest in Phillips.


Though rumours of a move to Turin have intensified, David Ornstein has stated that as of right now, nothing has been resolved with Phillips, and Crystal Palace, another team, has also made inquiries.



David Ornstein discusses his current understanding of Kalvin Phillips.


Ornstein provided the following update on the City midfielder in his most recent Q&A with The Athletic.


“He would love to travel overseas, but no decision has been made as of yet.A while back, Juventus made contact with Manchester City, and talks are still ongoing. Whether or not Massimiliano Allegri wants to take Phillips is at stake here.Newcastle has not yet made a move. Depending on when their injured players return, that might alter later in the window. It’s likely that they make no move at all for him. Other clubs that have inquired include Crystal Palace, but nothing has happened there. As far as I can tell, the rumoured interest from Paris Saint-Germain is inaccurate.


Phillips needs to exercise patience.


The issue Kalvin Phillips faces in this situation is that he has a good contract with City, and teams will consider their options for getting past that.


A permanent deal would be expensive as well, considering that City paid over £45 million for Phillips. The Manchester United team is also probably going to demand a fee in exchange for letting Phillips go on loan.


So Phillips just needs to continue being patient. He is in a fantastic position going into the remainder of the month since there is obviously a clamour to sign him.


For the former Leeds player, there are many reasons to be optimistic, regardless of who wins—Juventus, Newcastle, or perhaps someone else.


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