January 5, 2024

Kevin Phillips has responded to Sunderland’s plan to give 6,000 tickets to Newcastle United supporters for this Saturday’s game, particularly to the 720 NUFC supporters who will be in the Black Cats Bar, which is typically where home fans congregate.


The decision to convert all of the pro-Sunderland decorations to Newcastle United-themed ones was taken by the Sunderland hierarchy, as reported below, and that is why this Black Cats Bar move has received the most attention in the last 24 hours.


Funny enough, the Sunderland owners permitted banners with phrases like “Cheer up Peter Reid,” “We are United,” “Howay The Lads,” and “Keep the black and white flying high” to be hung outside the Black Cats Bar.


The Sunderland owner then frantically went back and demanded the removal of the NUFC branding from the Black Cats Bar, claiming he was unaware of it, only after their own supporters discovered about it and caused a backlash. Despite the fact that the management decided three weeks ago to permit this black and white Newcastle United branding, as some Sunderland supporters have noted.


Anyway, here’s “legend” Kevin Phillips of Sunderland with an intriguing view on this.


He’s made an effort to divert focus from the fact that this is just a humiliating Sunderland tale.


Rather, in an odd attempt, he has attempted to focus the entire conversation on how terrible Newcastle United supporters are and how their actions will undoubtedly be.


Newcastle United supporters had access to 720 hospitality tickets in the Black Cats Bar. Season ticket holders were not granted access to these seats during the sale of thousands of regular sitting area tickets, which were only made accessible to ST holders who possessed sufficient loyalty points.


The 720 Newcastle United supporters seated in the Black Cats Bar have each paid £600 for a package that includes a three-course meal and drinks in addition to their cushioned seat.


Kevin Phillips claims that these Newcastle United supporters, who have shelled out a fortune for hospitality, will break them up in the restrooms instead of eating and drinking the food and beverages they have paid £600 for.


Kevin Phillips then claims that if Newcastle loses, the £600 per person NUFC hospitality guests will “absolutely destroy” the Black Cats Bar. “There will be no stopping them,” the “legend” from Sunderland asserts.


What a pitiful perspective from the former South Shields manager; one could even assume that their former star is merely trying to appease Sunderland supporters who find this rubbish compelling.


” Newcastle fans destroyed the restrooms in the away end during the most recent game played at the Stadium of Light.


“They haven’t played in eight or nine years, and there is extra strain because of that. Just think of how Newcastle supporters will obliterate that bar if Sunderland wins.


Nothing will stop them from continuing.


“I’m sorry for the attendants working there.


It’s just an absurd choice.


“They could have maintained the two tiers and closed the bar for the game.”

Earlier today, on January 5, 2024.


Tomorrow, Newcastle United will visit Sunderland.


But before the FA Cup match, Sunderland owner Kyril Louis-Dreyfus scored a huge own goal.


By agreeing to transfer season ticket holders from their customary seats AND by revealing that 6,000 tickets had been distributed to Newcastle United supporters, he had already outraged Sunderland supporters.


Furthermore, Sunderland was forced to issue an apology less than 48 hours prior to the match when it became apparent that the Black Cats Bar had been redesigned. In addition to evicting the Sunderland supporters who had been living there to allow 720 Newcastle United supporters in, the Sunderland administration also removed all of the customary decorations and banners honouring their team and replaced them with banners and other items that supported Newcastle United.


Funny enough, the Sunderland owners permitted banners with phrases like “Cheer up Peter Reid,” “We are United,” “Howay The Lads,” and “Keep the black and white flying high” to be hung outside the Black Cats Bar.


Less than 48 hours before the game, when pictures of the banners began to circulate on social media and Sunderland supporters vented their rage, Sunderland backed down.


Official Statement from Sunderland, January 4, 2024:

“Sunderland AFC acknowledges that, earlier this afternoon, a grave error in judgement was made regarding Black Cats Bar.”


We extend our sincere apologies to our supporters for the justifiable apprehension they have expressed in response. The Club’s Board of Directors and Ownership Group also share this emotion, and they have asked that an immediate investigation be conducted to ascertain the course of this procedure.


The Ownership Group and Board of Directors have also made the conscious choice to restore the area to its previous condition, and we sincerely apologise to our supporters for the delay in taking care of this.


Subsequent to the original apology, a story from BBC Sport featured statements from the Sunderland owner on January 4, 2024.


Owner of Sunderland Kyril Louis-Dreyfus claims he was “disgusted” to see Newcastle slogans repainted at a pub at the Stadium of Light.


The FA Cup third-round match signage was installed for the away fans’ use at the Black Cats Bar on Saturday.


“I apologise for disappointing you,” 27-year-old Louis-Dreyfus stated.

The Frenchman Louis-Dreyfus continued, “I would like to apologise to everyone associated with Sunderland AFC for the events that have unfolded today.”


“Like our supporters, I was offended and offended by the images of the offensive signs that have since been taken down that were making the rounds on the internet.


“I personally promise to ensure that we implement the necessary improvements as it is evident that there are numerous areas where we can do better. I accept full responsibility for every decision made by our club’s employees.”


Former Sunderland striker Marco Gabbiadini called the gaffe “embarrassing” in an interview with BBC Radio Newcastle.


After the previous group we had, you would expect that the group that took over the club would have a better understanding of how football operates, he added.


“The board includes representatives from the area. We have exposed ourselves to this. The owner’s club was embroiled in one of the fiercest rivalries in French football with the club owned by his family. To be honest, I don’t think it.


It’s awkward. In fifty years, this will be remembered by Newcastle supporters.


The Sunderland owner is frantically attempting to disassociate himself from the disastrous choices he was accountable for, much like a politician who has been exposed.


Attempting to pretend he had no idea what was going to take the place of the customary decoration with a Sunderland theme.


I have just one issue with that.

Sunderland supporters are using social media to highlight that, as of about three weeks ago, everyone knew what the Sunderland owner and his team had decided to.



As several Sunderland supporters have noted, those who design their flag displays must submit their ideas to the team for approval prior to each game. In one instance, the owner of Sunderland informed them that they had to take down offensive banners criticising Newcastle United and making reference to the NUFC.


It is therefore unbelievable that Kyril Louis-Dreyfus now asserts he was unaware of the plans to replace the customary items with pro-Newcastle United banners and redecorate the Black Cats Bar.


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