January 6, 2024

“Obviously, you will,” Goldstein continued. “As is, bottom three? Brentford? Woods? Now that they have Nuno, I believe Forest will be secure.


“You never know,” Walters answered. “Luton has production capabilities. Rob Edwards is an excellent manager, but whether they can sustain it during the second half of the season, they must achieve some results at home and turn the stadium into a terrifying place to visit.


“Luton can have some fun and achieve his goals. The only thing is, I don’t know if they’ll have enough. I’ll be content as long as Everton isn’t present.


“I believe you will be secure,” Goldstein remarked.


Never become comfortable.

Everton is only in a relegation battle due of their 10-point deduction for breaking the Premier League’s spending regulations, even though they may not be where they want to be in the table at the beginning of the New Year.


The Toffees demonstrated more than enough in the campaign’s first half to suggest that they shouldn’t have any problems in May.


But following a rather disappointing holiday season, it’s critical that they don’t take their pre-Christmas successes for granted.




To make sure his team’s standards don’t decline and they quickly return to winning ways, Sean Dyche will put in a lot of effort in the gym with his players.


To move past the teams in the relegation zone once more, it will only be necessary for them to maintain their faith in their collective talents as a team. The outcomes will take care of themselves.


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