January 8, 2024

Three of Tottenham’s great players are among the 100 most expensive players in world football according to CIES Football Observatory’s calculations.


According to the model, Dejan Kulusevski is currently Tottenham’s most valued player, with a projected market worth of €104 million (£86 million).


The Swedish footballer is not even in the top ten; Jude Bellingham, a great player for Real Madrid, is reportedly the most valuable player in the world, valued at €267 million (£230 million).


Surprisingly, though, the model values Kulusevski more than Harry Kane, giving the former Tottenham player a market value of €95.6 million (£82 million).


Kulusevski Dejan


What is Son’s current market value as a transfer?

Son Heung-min and James Maddison are not included in the top 100, with the latter perhaps being left out due to age.


Desinty Udogie, who is rumored to be valued €78.3 million (£67.4 million), is reportedly the second most valuable player in the Tottenham team, followed by Cristian Romero, who is reportedly worth €71.4 million (£61.5 million).


Spurs  Views


These are all approximate figures, and several of these players would probably command higher prices if they were listed. In fact, by the end of this season, I completely expect the prices of a plethora of Tottenham players to have increased dramatically.


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