January 12, 2024

Spurs are currently working hard to try and sign a midfield player while keeping an eye on Conor Gallagher in case he decides to leave Chelsea.


Gallagher is believed to be Tottenham’s top choice for a new midfield player. The Chelsea captain wants to continue at Stamford Bridge, but he hasn’t signed a new contract yet.


Tottenham has been closely following the England midfielder’s circumstances this month. Spurs are currently looking for a midfield player after signing Radu Dragusin and Timo Werner just last week.


Additionally, journalist Dean Jones stated in an interview with GiveMeSport that Spurs find it hard to think they have a chance to sign Gallagher.


Chelsea FC at Luton Town – Premier League


Spurs were shocked to be able to sign Conor Gallagher.

While talking about the possible price for Gallagher to join Spurs from Chelsea, Jones mentioned that Spurs are genuinely taken aback by what appears to be an open invitation to make a bid for the midfield player.


They’re interested in a player named Conor Gallagher. They find it difficult to accept that he will genuinely become available for transfer, but if he does, they believe they are the ideal team for him to join. I believe they would consider that a good offer and make an effort to pursue it if they could acquire Conor Gallagher for between £40 and £50 million. However, it is evident that Conor Gallagher’s emotional resistance to leaving Chelsea is still a concern at this time, according to Jones.


Spurs need to keep putting forth the effort.

If Spurs were to get Gallagher, this would make their January window very special.


The fact that Chelsea can’t seem to get their act together when it comes to their captain is the reason this story will not go away. Spurs will be encouraged by the fact that he appears to be receiving some indications that he is not entirely wanted.


Tottenham ought to persist with this, then.


If they can land Gallagher on top of Werner and Dragusin, it will have been one of their best windows for some time.


This month, Ange Postecoglou expressed a desire to expand the team, and it appears he is succeeding.


Gallagher would upset the apple cart in London and be a massive signing.


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