January 12, 2024

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that FC Barcelona has to bring in new players. It worries the Catalan club because they are increasingly losing their capacity to overpower opponents. In actuality, Barcelona hadn’t broken the quite embarrassing run until lately.


Nevertheless, it is difficult to fill one of the key roles that they lack. Since Sergio Busquets left, Barça has been without a suitable specialist pivot; they have attempted to address that need. They are still searching for his replacement since, in the end, they have not been successful.


Bruno Guimaraes was one player they thought fit this Barcelona team’s profile. Barcelona director Deco found the 26-year-old Brazilian midfielder, who is now under contract with Newcastle United, to be a very alluring offer.


According to MD, the English side has lost more than €180 million in the last two seasons. They can face severe consequences if they keep spending money carelessly in spite of these losses.


They are now prepared to close large deals and consider proposals from any player as a result. They may be able to use this to balance the books, but other teams may see it as a chance to add a quality player. Barcelona may now have Bruno Guimaraes as their aim.


The Catalan giants, however, are unwilling to pay the Brazilian’s current asking price and would not be able to. Rather, they intend to spend a certain amount in addition to a player’s bid to reduce that asking price. Furthermore, according to MD, the athlete is willing to assist them in ensuring the operation’s success.


Guimaraes is currently dreaming of La Liga, but PSG from France is still paying attention. For just this reason, he should think about joining Barcelona, who are a very appealing team.


Furthermore, Deco’s clout in the Brazilian industry and among its players may eventually be crucial in turning this agreement become reality.


Barcelona is currently willing to pay up to €80 million for Guimaraes. This sum would not, however, be paid in full with cash. Rather, it would be based on a combination of their willingness to part with the player to the opposing side and financial resources.


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