January 12, 2024

Said Benrahma seems to be getting closer to leaving West Ham following a few changes in a single day.


Three French teams, including Lyon, are reportedly interested in Benrahma, according to a report published on Wednesday, January 10, by Sky Sports writer Dharmesh Sheth.


The Algerian international’s social media activity on Thursday, January 11, did little to dispel rumours that he was planning to move elsewhere.


On his own Instagram story, Benrahma posted a video of himself scoring a goal for his old team, Brentford, when he was having a better time.


It was a “strange” development, as Sean Whetstone tweeted [11 January] from his West Ham Football account.

Whetstone further mentioned that, following a period of leave, Benrahma is believed to be in France.


It’s unclear if the attacking midfielder is on business or is simply taking some time to relax in a city where he has spent a significant portion of his career.


Benrahma is obviously lower on the list of players David Moyes can select from when his team is fully fit.


The issue at hand, though, is that several offensive players are sidelined until at least February, which could make Benrahma’s chances of leaving the team less likely.


With two and a half years remaining on his contract, that will undoubtedly indicate that West Ham has no quick plans to move the former Nice star.


And considering the peculiarities of football, it’s possible that Benrahma will use this chance in the upcoming weeks to turn around his career at London Stadium.


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