January 13, 2024

Sport Witness has reported that Corriere Fiorentino’s print edition claims that Fiorentina is making a lot of effort to recruit Bryan Gil on a loan, but Tottenham Hotspur is not acting very quickly.


Sport Witness first reported on Thursday that Fiorentina is unsure whether Tottenham will approve Gil’s loan departure, according to reports from Gazzetta dello Sport and Corriere dello Sport.


The winger would be making his third such move after going on loan to Valencia and Sevilla over the previous two years, according to both of those media, which implied that the Viola were “still waiting to understand” if the Lilywhites had any intention of authorizing another temporary deal for him.


Fiorentina is working hard to sign Bryan. The CEO of the Italian team, Joe Barone, and the director of football, Daniele Prade, are reportedly “working insistently” to recruit the Spain international, according to Gil Corriere Fiorentino.


It is purported that Tottenham is “still considering” whether to accept Viola’s suggested formula and is not particularly eager to approve a loan deal for Gil.


According to the report, Fiorentina will leave Spurs if they refuse to consider loan bids because the Serie A team lacks the necessary money to sign the 22-year-old on a permanent basis.


Spurs Views


Late in the transfer window, I do think Tottenham would finally approve a move away from Gil, whether it be a temporary or permanent one.


Since very few La Liga or Serie A teams have the resources to invest between £10 million and $15 million on a new recruit this month, the former option would probably have to be chosen.


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