January 13, 2024

Tottenham has become one of the world’s ten most profitable clubs when it comes to revenue generated from the sales of academy players.


CIES Football Observatory found that over the previous ten years, Spurs made £220 million using that strategy.


Martin Lipton emphasized the figures in his column “The Lipton Factor” in the print version of The Sun [11 January, page 45].



Spurs make money

Although Harry Kane’s £104 million summer transfer to Bayern Munich accounted for almost half of that amount, every sell counts.

In fact, the Swiss-based organization went on to say that during that time Spurs sold 23 players who passed through its academy.


This contrasts with the 30 sold by Benfica, who, having brought in £444 million, are the world’s most profitable club in this regard.


Chelsea is in fifth place, with Ajax (£324), Lyon (£319m), and Real Madrid (£313m) rounding out the top four.



In fact, among English clubs, only Chelsea (£299 million) earned more money than Spurs, with Manchester City trailing closely behind at £218 million.


Despite selling 26 different players, Arsenal, one of Spurs’ bitter rivals and a team renowned for its academy talents, is ranked 23rd on the list (£156m).


Again, Spurs have risen far up this list since paying in on Kane last summer, but they also made an additional £116 million by selling other players.


According to the analysis, Spurs made £144 million from the sales of academy players between 2019 and 2023, up from £77 million in the four years before.


That is a 65 percent increase in revenue, which has contributed to the team’s ability to remain competitive in this new era under Ange Postecoglou.



Postecoglou Ange

Spurs maintained a solid 16th place ranking in the globe over the course of the four years between 2014 and 2018, demonstrating that this is unquestionably sustainable.


That’s not to imply that fans are in favor of academy players being sold, especially not Kane, but it is a reality in the game of football.


Remaining high on this list after four years is not surprising, considering the caliber of players coming through the ranks presently.


Naturally, Postecoglou’s major goal is to make sure the Lilywhites stay competitive in the interim.


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