January 15, 2024

Despite failing to win against Manchester United today, Ange Postecoglou will be delighted with some parts of Tottenham Hotspurs’ showing.


For the most part of the match, Spurs controlled the ball and made two strong finishes when they had the opportunity.


Premier League game between Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur


Timo Werner’s debut showed promise; Postecoglou can work with a lot of raw qualities from him.


Rodrigo Bentancur’s effort was possibly the greatest of all the Spurs.


Shortly after the break, Tottenham equalized thanks to a brilliant finish from the £22 million Uruguayan who dominated in the middle.


But there was one instance when Postecoglou felt a little let down by the Tottenham player versus United.


Bentancur showed a rare moment of petulance in the first half when kicking the ball away once the whistle had already gone — something you won’t get away with in this era.


Additionally, Postecoglou was irritated with his midfield player in addition to being dissatisfied with the referee’s choice to book Bentancur.


When Clinton Morrison covered the game for the BBC, he clarified the circumstances.


Thought the commentator was unlucky to get booked at first, but he rapidly altered his view.


Ange Postecoglou is irritated with Rodrigo Bentancur of Tottenham for his stubbornness against Manchester United.

Watching Postecoglou on the touchline, Morrison said: “And Ange is not happy, he’s shaking his head, he knows.


“I am in the Ange camp; I don’t believe he should be booked. Actually, I thought, “Oh no, let’s move on, he knows what he’s doing.”


Premier League game between Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur

Naturally, this is really a tiny blemish on Bentancur’s otherwise faultless display.


Spurs supporters also have a lot to cheer about with James Maddison’s return quickly approaching.


Postecoglou will be happy with his Tottenham team once more, despite the fact that there were still certain areas to improve versus United.


He’ll undoubtedly think Timo Werner’s debut holds a lot of promise in particular.


The German appeared animated on the left, and he still possesses many undeveloped skills.


Following the match, Micky van de Ven was all praise for Werner.


Not only did he see the new forward’s lightning-fast pace, but he also believed that he might be vital going forward.


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