January 16, 2024

Ange Postecoglou, the manager of Tottenham Hotspur, feels that talking about his illness will shame people like Oliver Skipp and Destiny Udogie.


Tottenham have a nearly empty roster going into their Sunday match against Manchester United.


Spurs already had a number of injuries and some players absent due to international commitments during significant competitions.


The Tottenham team suffered from a sickness that spread throughout the camp, further harming Ange Postecoglou.


Due to the illness, winger Dejan Kulusevski was unable to play in the match, and Postecoglou has mentioned that at least two other players were having difficulty.


Ange Postecoglou, the manager of Tottenham, talks about Destiny Udogie’s illness

Oliver Skipp, a midfielder, and left defender Destiny Udogie were both “under the weather all week” before to playing United, Postecoglou said to Sky Sports.


Prior to Sunday’s match, the Tottenham manager revealed that a few other players weren’t exactly in peak form.


Nonetheless, Postecoglou made the comment that Skipp and Udogie are most likely “embarrassed” to hear the Spurs manager discuss their ailments.


Postecoglou believes that since Tottenham has demonstrated this mentality throughout the season, they would like to move on and avoid having anyone feel sorry for them.


It’s true that Kulusevski hadn’t trained all week, Postecoglou remarked. “Skippy and a few other boys were sick all week, as was Destiny. To their credit, though, we’ve just gotten on with it this entire year, so I’m sure they’re embarrassed my bringing it up,” he continued.


While Skipp played 85 minutes before being replaced by new signing Radu Dragusin, Udogie completed the whole 90 minutes.


Udogie supported the Tottenham assault brilliantly and did a great job of defending against Alejandro Garnacho, but he did come dangerously close to scoring an own goal when he headed the ball toward his own post in the first half.


As reliable as ever, Skipp helped Tottenham control the ball and covered admirably for the numerous midfield players Spurs are now lacking.


Even if Postecoglou worries he could have embarrassed Udogie and Skipp in front of the media, he will appreciate their commitment to playing despite illness.


Due to the nature of sport, there won’t be many non-Tottenham supporters who will feel sorry for Spurs at this point as they struggle with many absences.

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