January 16, 2024

Bryan Gil, a standout for Tottenham Hotspur, has seen his worth as a transfer diminish due to his limited playing time at the team.


This season, Ange Postecoglou has given practically all of his players opportunities. Gil has played some minutes as well, but not enough, and he is currently being linked to a move from Tottenham.


Bryan Gil of Tottenham has a reduced transfer value of £6.9 million.

Bryan Gil was acquired by Tottenham in a player-plus-cash trade with Sevilla.


In addition to sending Erik Lamela to the Ramon Sanchez-Pizjuan Stadium in the summer of 2021, Spurs paid the Spanish team £21.6 million (Sky Sports).


For Gil, who was only 20 years old at the time, the entire package—which reportedly included Lamela—was estimated by Mundo Deportivo to have been worth £34.2 million (€40 million) at the time.

The report states that the Spaniard’s transfer value has significantly decreased after 2.5 years.


Gil’s estimated net worth today is just £6.9 million (€8 million), or one-fifth of what it was when he was signed by Spurs in 2021.


Gil, who is 22 years old, will cost Tottenham a lot of money if he can’t turn his career around.


Bryan Gil is wanted by three teams.

This season, Bryan Gil has only started two games for Tottenham in all competitions.

The Spaniard, who Graham Roberts called a “superstar,” is obviously not the team’s first choice, and from this point until the end of the season, the most he can hope for are substitute appearances.


Gil, according to the article, would want to remain at Tottenham rather than go out on another straight loan—that is, a loan without a buyout option or commitment.


According to the outlet, he wants to go back to Sevilla, but Quique Sanchez Flores’ team cannot now afford him.


But three teams—Real Sociedad, Fiorentina, and Feyenoord—remain interested in Gil. The Tottenham winger is rumored to have already been contacted by La Real regarding a move, although it doesn’t seem likely at this time.

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