January 16, 2024

“Legs are done”: Analyst says the £15 million Tottenham star has completely lost his speed.


The current Tottenham squad is built on energy and speed.


A high line, a lot of running, a lot of intensity, and a lot of pace are the foundations of Ange Postecoglou’s approach.


Sadly, not everyone at the club has that sense of style.


In fact, Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg has never been the fastest player in the world, and regrettably, during his time away from the team, he appears to have gotten even slower.


Lianne Sanderson, who is a guest on The Spurs Chat Podcast, talked about Hojbjerg’s performance against Manchester United over the weekend and said the Dane appeared to be done with legs.


AFC Bournemouth vs. Tottenham Hotspur in Premier League

Hojbjerg no longer has legs.

The analyst gave her assessment of the £15 million man.


To me, Hojbjerg and Eriksen appear to have finished their legs. Just like Juan Mata, I could play Eriksen in a five-a-side all day, but right now the game is avoiding him and he’s not providing anything. One thing Hojbjerg will always do is compete; you must have noticed that on a few occasions when I saw him, he didn’t appear to have legs and was unable to get close to players, Sanderson said.


Too slowly

Hojbjerg is an incredibly talented player technically, but he lags below some of his contemporaries in terms of physicality, intensity, and pace.



Nowadays, Hojbjerg is unable to match the running prowess of players like Yves Bissouma and Rodrigo Bentancur in any given game.


Hojbjerg could be useful for a club that isn’t as committed to running, but sadly, the manager won’t incorporate you if you lack the quickness and vigor of this Postecoglou side.


Sadly, Hojbjerg’s tenure at Tottenham may be coming to an end because he no longer fits with the team’s philosophy.


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