January 20, 2024

Somehow, YouTuber Rory Jennings made his way onto TalkSPORT, where he’s either a hired clown or someone paid to make bad jokes.


This is Rory Jennings, a YouTuber who has succeeded in failing further up. He is neither a journalist nor a pundit. After his controversial forecast that Erling Haaland would not succeed at Manchester City, all of his opinions should be deemed invalid.


All kidding aside, there have been moments when I’ve felt Jennings has been really decent and well-rounded, but ever since he was brought onto TalkSPORT, he’s simply lost his sense of direction.


Rory, we’re not having it.

Or has he not? There are usually two persons in the studio with different perspectives, which creates a dynamic on that channel. It is obvious that before going on air, both of them are assigned a side to defend, and they must present their case as such whether or not they agree with it. After all, two people cannot always hold divergent viewpoints.



Rory Jennings attempted to convince Ade Oladipo last night that Eddie Howe will not be starting this season due to his decline in form from the previous one.


He essentially stated that he has raised the bar for himself because he exceeded expectations the previous season. ‘Overachieved’ does not mean that, Rory. It indicates that he went above and beyond what was expected of him; it was an exception, not the standard.


TalkSPORT is a play.

But in my opinion, based on his words and delivery, it appears that he doesn’t really believe what he’s saying. For this reason, I believe that TalkSPORT is nothing more than a conspiracy theory designed to incite controversy, as negativity always elicits a strong response. In fact, as I write about it today, notice how many times I’ve used the term “TalkSPORT.”


In other words, don’t pay any attention to it at all, even if you heard the article last night or saw the video somewhere else.


Eddie Howe is not under pressure, as far as we know, and those people who have never ventured north of the Watford Gap have no idea.

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