January 24, 2024

After moving to North London in the summer, journalist Jack Pitt-Brooke revealed what the Tottenham Hotspur backroom crew thinks of Guglielmo Vicario.


On the field, Guglielmo Vicario has shown himself to be an excellent addition for Ange Postecoglou’s team. Hugo Lloris may have declined, but it was obvious that someone unique would be needed to fill his vacuum.


That was done rather stylishly by the Italian. Vicario may have been the Premier League’s top goalie thus far this year.


The Tottenham staff is incredibly fond of Vicario Guglielmo

The 27-year-old is a superb shot-blocker who has already given the Spurs several stops that would make a highlight reel. In the meantime, he has excellent footwork and exudes confidence. And that contributes to Tottenham’s ability to play such a high line.


However, it appears that Vicario is gaining admirers for more than just his on-field exploits. Pitt-Brooke stated that people at Hotspur Way only have positive things to say about the former Empoli player when speaking on the Last Word on Spurs podcast.


“He is the entire package. He speaks flawless English, is a really smart and intriguing guy, and I know that the Tottenham staff adores him. He’s also great with kids—not just the boys in the Tottenham program, but also the kids involved in community projects and other activities. He’s a terrific character—the kind of guy you need in the changing room,” he remarked.


A fantastic bargain for the Spurs

The fact that Tottenham paid merely £17 million to find this gem is astounding. That is a true steal in the current game.



But before to Vicario’s arrival, not many of us were familiar with him. Prior to signing, James Maddison acknowledged that he had hardly heard of Vicario.


Given his present performance, there doesn’t appear to be many obstacles in his way of being a vital member of the Tottenham team for the majority of the ensuing ten years.


It’s obvious that many Spurs fans would like to see him stay for a very long time.

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