January 25, 2024

At Everton, a Tottenham twist occurs as a star suffers yet another setback. – report



According to Liverpool World, Everton manager Sean Dyche has acknowledged that Dele Alli needed surgery to address a persistent groin issue. Tottenham has been notified of this situation.


The former Tottenham player signed a contract with Everton in January 2022, subject to Everton having to pay Tottenham £10 million once he made 20 appearances for the team.


Alli has made 13 games thus far, but he has not advanced toward receiving the incentive before going on loan to Besiktas and missing a significant amount of time due to injuries.


Before Everton’s match against Luton, Dyche said, “Unfortunately, he has to have surgery.” It took some time, and there was some dispute over it. He’s now getting better from that. We’re just waiting for it to evolve and there’s no timeline attached to it. The early indicators are encouraging.

Will there ever be an additional payment?


Who would have thought that after two years at Goodison Park, Alli would need this much time to reach 20 appearances for the team? Tottenham will be displeased with the timeliness of his eventual return and would not have done it.


The fact that Spurs are receiving updates on his recuperation appears to also suggest that they have some doubts about whether or when the £10 million will ever arrive at their door.


This will be yet another kick in the teeth for Alli, who had some hope that after everything he has been through in his personal life, he would finally return to Goodison Park [13 July], as revealed on The Overlap with Gary Neville.




Fans of Everton will also be disappointed by the news, as they had anticipated his return following his encouraging return to team training, only for the setback to send him back to what seems like the starting point.



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