January 27, 2024

Tottenham is preparing to exact revenge on Paratici; they are concerned that Spurs will sign the player after Fabio was “burned at stake.”



We reported from Italy two days ago that Tottenham Hotspur’s effort to sign Éderson was met with no response from Atalanta.


Now, Corriere Torino gives some history on the 24-year-old’s interest from the north London team.


Earlier this month, Tottenham signed Radu Drăgușin from Genoa; rumor has it that former Spurs director Fabio Paratici provided them the “tip” to sign him.


The 51-year-old Italian was employed by the Premier League team from July 2021 to April 2023, but he was forced to resign after being barred from playing football.

He was “burned at the stake” in Italy for his role in the Juventus crisis, and he is reportedly currently an advisor to Daniel Levy, the chairman of Spurs.


According to the newspaper, he is not under contract with Tottenham, but his voice is still audible there. They also mention that the former director recommended they think about acquiring the midfield player for Atalanta.


Last summer, Paratici assisted Tottenham in making a few acquisitions, which included James Maddison, Micky van de Ven, and Guglielmo Vicario.


This is his “great revenge,” and he may get another with Éderson in the near future. Juventus is interested in the youngster, so it would hurt a little if Spurs were able to sign him with Paratici’s assistance.

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