January 28, 2024

‘He appeared terrified,’ says Tony Cascarino, criticizing the 27-year-old Tottenham player who has become ‘worse’ under Ange.




When Tottenham Hotspur was eliminated from the FA Cup on Friday night, they put on one of their poorest offensive displays of the year.


Ange Postecoglou’s team managed to defeat them with a narrow 1-0 victory against a confident and seasoned Manchester City team. They managed to register just one shot on goal in the first half.


Tottenham’s new signing Timo Werner, who is on loan from RB Leipzig, took harsh abuse for his performance, and Ange ball was nowhere to be seen.


According to Tony Cascarino, who spoke with talkSPORT, the 27-year-old appeared “frightened to death” of Kyle Walker, the right-back for Manchester City.


Timo Werner appears “worse” in Spurs colors than he did at Chelsea, the former striker continued.


Some would contend that he made numerous runs during the contest, but that neither the midfielders nor the fullbacks gave him enough ball play.


Some, however, contend that Timo Werner should have been a creator as well, which Tony Cascarino believes he did not accomplish.


Under Ange Postecoglou, Timo Werner

“Cascarino said, ‘Timo Werner on the other side. To be honest, he was afraid of Kyle Walker.


“You are aware of Kyle Walker’s nature when you encounter him. He is really swift and powerful. Timo Werner is also quite fast.


However, he was conspicuous on the left side and never posed a threat. It was Richarlison’s difficult job. With both wingers opposing him, he had little support from them.


In fact, Timo Werner appeared to be worse than when he was at Chelsea. He’s not even afforded opportunities. He had a ton of opportunities at Chelsea, at least, and missed them. It was his first time playing at home. You would expect that anything would exist. However, he appeared terrified of Kyle Walker.


Severe reproach to Timo Werner

Just now, the German entered the building, and he’s not playing as bad as he seems.


It should be mentioned that he had only started two games this season prior to joining the Spurs, and that he has suddenly been thrown into the deep end.


He’s not at all close to his peak physically or mentally, so as the season goes on, he will only become better.


Tottenham’s performance against a team that demonstrated why they won the Treble was simply disheartening on Friday.

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