January 29, 2024

Tottenham decides what will happen to the 27-year-old attacker going forward.



Timo Werner was brought to Tottenham Hotspur during the January transfer window on loan from RB Leipzig.


The 27-year-old was added to the attacking group to give it more talent and depth.


At the end of the current campaign, the London club will have the opportunity to purchase the player permanently for a cost of approximately £15 million; but, according to a report from Football Insider, the Premier League team has no intention of making the loan transfer permanent.


At the end of the season, Werner is currently anticipated to return to Germany.


The 27-year-old has already made two appearances and received one assist for the North London team. In the upcoming months, it will be intriguing to see if he can maintain his impressive accomplishments.


Tottenham may choose to activate his option to sign him permanently if he can persuade them with steady play over the ensuing months. He had a difficult first half of the season at RB Leipzig, and it would be best for him to leave the German team permanently.


The striker is probably interested in making a permanent move to Tottenham in the summer, so it will be intriguing to watch how things work out.


For a player of his caliber, the rumored £15 million asking price is definitely fair, but he will need to persuade the Premier League team to activate the option with his play.



Alasdair Gold explains why Antonio Nusa chose Brentford over Tottenham.



Today, Brentford took Tottenham by surprise by snooping on their last-minute attempt to sign Antonio Nusa.


The wonder youngster from Club Brugge has been heavily linked to Spurs for the past week, with numerous reports indicating that the North London team was nearing completion of the transaction.


The discussions with Club Brugge were said to have advanced, and Nusa had allegedly even orally consented to personal terms with Spurs.


But early on Sunday morning, rumors circulated that Nusa’s transfer to Premier League club Brentford had been effectively hacked, and the player was on his way to England to seal the deal.


Now that Alasdair Gold has clarified the situation, we know why Nusa chose Brentford over Spurs.


The player’s decision was reportedly heavily influenced by Brentford’s assurance of “guaranteed regular starts,” according to Gold. Spurs were unable to provide the gifted young player with such reassurances considering the caliber of their present attacking lineup.


He continues by explaining that the player’s camp believed that a transfer to a larger team like Spurs would be too significant at this time in the player’s development.


Juan Nusa

Tottenham showed interest in Nusa, but he chose Brentford instead.

Gold provided an update on X and said:


Recognize Antonio Nusa signed for Brentford because he knew he would get plenty of starts there. Spurs had discussions, but they were unable to provide such assurances for the upcoming season with their present roster because the young player was still developing and wasn’t starting frequently for Club Brugge.

“Both the player and his staff believed that at this stage in his development, going to one of the larger clubs would be too much. Still, he’s a very gifted young man who ought to succeed there.


“Although it’s never ideal to see a gifted young athlete leave, he and his representatives deserve some recognition for considering growth and development rather than jumping at the first opportunity. With younger players, that’s not always the case.”

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