February 3, 2024

Max Verstappen was left out when Lewis Hamilton named his all-time greatest Formula One opponent.


When asked who his biggest opponent has been throughout his remarkable Formula One career, Lewis Hamilton ignored Max Verstappen.


Eleven years after joining Mercedes, the 39-year-old superstar announced this week that he would be leaving the company.


It has already been confirmed that Hamilton, who signed a multi-year contract to partner with Charles Leclerc in red, will join Ferrari starting in the 2025 season.


Carlos Sainz’s next move is yet unknown, but Hamilton will take his spot in the second Ferrari.


The seven-time world champion, who has lost to Red Bull’s Verstappen in the last three seasons, will now attempt to win an eighth championship in the future.


A milestone that might have already been accomplished in 2021 in Abu Dhabi if Verstappen hadn’t passed the British driver in the closing lap.


One of the most notorious incidents in the history of the sport was the confrontation between the two after the safety car and the contentious choice to allow Verstappen to pass lapped vehicles on newer tyres.


Speaking in 2022, Hamilton did not, however, believe Verstappen to be his greatest opponent.


Hamilton said to Sky Sports, “I remember the task of being alongside Fernando [Alonso] when I was 22.” It’s a lot of pressure to take on a legend like him, but I was also quite inexperienced mentally and technically.


Lewis Hamilton, a Formula One star

Therefore, I would say that Fernando and his skills are my toughest opponent just based on speed. We had some exciting clashes, and if he keeps racing, maybe we’ll have more in the future. I wish we could have had more.


The Bahrain International Circuit will host the opening round of the 2024 Formula One season on March 3, marking Hamilton’s final campaign behind the wheel of a Mercedes.

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