February 3, 2024

After the Spurs controversy, Sandro tells Neal Maupay, “Let this be very clear.”



Sandro informed Neal Maupay on social media that Tottenham is the rightful owner of the darts celebration.


Throughout the course of the 90 minutes, there were numerous altercations between the players and Spurs, as well as a lot of high-pressure tackles.


After giving the Bees the lead in the first half, Maupay utilized James Maddison’s trademark darts celebration. Apparently, the Tottenham players did not enjoy this, as players like Brennan Johnson made fun of the Frenchman when Spurs completed the turnaround at the beginning of the second half.


Following the final whistle, Maddison and Maupay continued their back-and-forth, with Maddison telling TNT Sports (via BBC Sport) that Maupay was imitating his celebration since the Brentford striker had not scored enough goals of his own.


The former Brighton player responded on social media, stating on Instagram that he has outscored the Tottenham midfielder in goals and relegations over his career.

Maddison James

Ollie Watkins (@watkinsstudio) is credited.

Sandro comes to James Maddison’s defense

Sandro has now responded to the Brentford player, sending the 27-year-old a message on social media.



The former Tottenham player tagged Maupay on his Instagram Story, writing, “@nealmaupay this celebration belongs to us.” Make no mistake about it. I’m glad to have you back, @Madders.


Spurs Views


It was fantastic to witness the camaraderie among the Tottenham players and how they banded together to make fun of Maupey’s celebration.


That being said, I think this entire scenario is really embarrassing and silly. After the game, Maddison and company really didn’t need to continue this feud.

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