February 8, 2024

Tottenham said they now have a young youngster who plays similarly to Frenkie de Jong, saying, “He’s really fast.”


Lucas Bergvall, a young player for Tottenham Hotspur, has been likened by his former coach to Barcelona midfielder Frenkie de Jong.


Spurs completed the acquisition of Bergvall to close the winter transfer window. He was signed by Tottenham over Barcelona, and he is widely considered to be a highly exciting talent.


Bergvall, Lucas Spurs’ Frenkie de Jong


Lucas Bergvall, a young player for Tottenham, is a “little copy of Frenkie de Jong.”

Last week, Lucas Bergvall from Djurgarden was acquired by Tottenham for a reported £8.5 million (The Athletic).


The eighteen-year-old appeared headed for Barcelona, but he turned down the Catalans in favor of Tottenham after the latter outlined their vision.


Bergvall is an incredible young athlete. Peter Kisfaludy, the boy’s childhood coach, said that in the upcoming years, the teenager could match Dejan Kulusevski’s skill level.


Kisfaludy went on to describe Bergvall’s skill set, and his analogy will no doubt thrill Tottenham supporters who are eager to watch the rookie perform in the upcoming campaign.


Kisfaludy noted, “His best position is as a number eight,” in an interview with Football London. He excels at playing the ball between the lines and is a box-to-box player who runs into the box.



He resembles Frenkie de Jong in miniature.


“He dribbles the ball incredibly well and is incredibly quick with it.”


Bergvall, Lucas Spurs’ Frenkie de Jong


Ange-ball will fit Bergvall.

Ange Postecoglou’s football approach has been one of Tottenham’s strongest features this season.


The era of the Spurs playing drab, defensive football is long gone. They are one of the most thrilling teams to watch right now in the nation, which attracts a lot of players to the club.


Bergvall may blend in with this Tottenham team. He’s a silky midfielder who is terrific with the ball, excellent at dribbling, and has an eye for a pass, but he will take some getting used to the pace and brutality of the English game.


He will thrive in Spurs’ aggressive system, and with a manager like Postecoglou, he might blossom into a true superstar in the upcoming years.

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