March 25, 2024

Information about the PGA Tour’s critical meeting with PIF governor and LIV Golf creator Yasir Al-Rumayyan in the Bahamas has surfaced.


At the crunch Bahamas meeting, LIV Golf creator Yasir Al-Rumayyan allegedly reiterated his belief that the breakaway circuit will play a significant role in the men’s game going forward.


Last week, Al-Rumayyan had meetings with each of the six player directors on the PGA Tour.


The strong Saudi businessman who lured major champions away from the PGA Tour for hundreds of millions of dollars met with players from the established North American circuit for the first time.


It should come as no surprise that Tiger Woods led what has been called a “meet-and-greet” in Albany.


After the meeting, he apparently stayed back to play golf with Al-Rumayyan before returning home to Florida to see his son Charlie play in the AJGA.


Tiger Woods is “very engaged” in a PGA-PIF transaction, according to a former US Open champion, shocking accusations made by the player director of the PGA Tour over their meeting at LIV Golf Bahamas. After meeting to play golf with LIV chairman, Tiger Woods stays behind.


It makes sense that individuals who attended the meeting have kept quiet about what was discussed.


According to PGA Tour CEO Jay Monahan, the discussions were “constructive.” The encounter, according to Webb Simpson, was “never tense.”


Simpson had said before that there was extreme risk involved in not coming to an agreement with the PIF.


It wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for the establishment to propose that the circuit would want LIV to dissolve or change in conjunction with a PIF investment into the recently established PGA Tour Enterprises.


Prior to this, the previously stated Monahan asserted that LIV Golf would undergo a ’empirical data-driven examination’ to ascertain its future in accordance with the conditions of the framework agreement of June 6.


It appears that such a proposal is purely imaginary.



This is due to Al-Rumayyan’s total lack of intentions for LIV to evolve or develop in any direction.


As per the No Laying Up podcast, Al-Rumayyan presented a realistic outlook for the times ahead.


Chris Solomon remarked of the meeting, “The flight tracking was definitely the highlight for me.”


“Shout Out to radaratlas2, he was on the tails of the PGA Tour plane [and] both planes that were coming over from Saudi Arabia.”


To be honest, hardly many leaks were released following this [meeting]. Though it didn’t sound like things were particularly close, we have heard a few things that aren’t really reportable.”


It didn’t sound like it was all, ‘Hey, let’s get back together,'” he continued. I don’t feel like that.”


According to Tron Carter, Yasir seemed to be putting more emphasis on LIV, as in, ‘Hey, LIV is going to be a part of these folks.'” LIV will go on and survive long after I do.”


Now in its third year, LIV Golf only gets to witness the best fields at the four major tournaments due to the long-standing division in the men’s game.


Last December, Jon Rahm became LIV’s biggest signing to date, and there was optimism that his arrival might hasten a peace deal.


However, it seems that certain powerful PGA Tour players weren’t too fond of Saudi funding.


For instance, Jordan Spieth made hints that a deal with the Saudis was no longer required after Strategic Sports Group invested $1.5 billion in the Tour.


How LIV players who departed the PGA Tour could be reintegrated is another obstacle.


Before the 2024 Masters, it is hoped that information regarding the existing situation bet.


ween the PGA Tour and PIF—which finances LIV—will become available.

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