April 16, 2024

Novak Djokovic has been told how to replace Goran Ivanisevic.


Goran Ivanisevic has claimed that Nenad Zimonjic is the “perfect person” to replace him as Novak Djokovic’s next coach, having parted ways with the 24-time Grand Slam champion last month. Andy Murray’s mother Judy had been linked with the role, but a new leading candidate has been given Ivanisevic’s backing.


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Reports in Serbia had claimed that Djokovic was considering Judy Murray as his new tennis coach, having spent six trophy-laden years with Ivanisevic. Amelie Mauresmo and Conchita Martinez were the two options named as favourites for the position, but Murray was also described as a candidate.


Whether she would be willing to work with her son’s rival remains to be seen, but Andy Murray has strongly hinted that he will retire soon and opens the path for his mum to work with Djokovic.


However, should Djokovic listen to his former coach then he will strongly consider Zimonjic instead of Murray, Mauresmo or Martinez. The pair have worked together on several occasions previously, with Zimonjic playing alongside Djokovic at the Davis Cup and coaching the Serbian team that won the 2020 ATP Cup.


Novak Djokovic has been tipped to snub Judy Murray as his next coach.


And Ivanisevic believes that he could be the perfect foil for Djokovic due to their pre-existing relationship and the 36-year-old already having a finely-tuned game, despite a disappointing start to the season. Further highlighting Zimonjic’s suitability, he claimed that the experienced Serb would be able to handle Djokovic if he ‘went crazy’ while a new coach may be scared off.


“I don’t know for how much longer Novak plans to keep on playing, but the perfect person is with him at the moment – Ziki (Zimonjic),” Ivanisevic told Sport Klub. “He is a great friend of mine, we went through a lot together and I love him. He has vast tennis knowledge, but what is most important – he knows Novak really well.


Novak Djokovic and Nenad Zimonjic with their Serbian team after winning the 2020 ATP Cup.


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“At the moment, Novak doesn’t need someone completely new, who is yet to get to know him. Let’s say 10 days pass, Novak ‘goes crazy’ and this new coach is left wondering what is going on.


“I have a theory – men from the Balkans can coach anyone, but only someone from this, our region can coach a Balkan player. Marian [Vajda] is Slovak, we’re close and we know each other well. Boris [Becker] also worked well with Novak, but his tennis IQ is off the charts.


“Ziki can help him tennis-wise. Novak does know everything already, but it will be refreshing for him to maybe hear the same thing from someone else, with a different approach. Ziki knows Novak’s mentality really well, they collaborated in the Davis Cup as well.”

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