March 28, 2024

When Novak Djokovic revealed he was leaving his longtime coach Goran Ivanisevic, the world reacted with great astonishment. Former British No. 1 Annabel Croft speculated that the 24-time Grand Slam champion may have taken the decision in an attempt to “squeeze the last few ounces” out of his tennis career.


Prior to taking over as Djokovic’s primary coach in March 2022, Ivanisevic collaborated with Djokovic’s longtime tutor Marian Vajda for a number of years.


The world champion said on Instagram, “I remember clearly the moment I invited Goran to be part of my team,” announcing their breakup “a few days ago.” In 2018, Marian and I wanted to experiment and add some magic to our serving together.


In actuality, since then, we have added 12 more Grand Slams (as well as a few finals) to the tally in addition to a ton of laughter, joy, year-end no. 1 rankings, record-breaking accomplishments, and much more to the count. Did I also mention a little drama?


“A few days ago, Goran and I made the decision to part ways professionally. Although there were ups and downs in our on-court chemistry, our friendship remained unwavering.


In fact, I’m glad to report—I’m not sure whether he is—that in addition to winning competitions together, we also engaged in a long-running side conflict in the board game Parchisi. And for us, the competition never ends. I appreciate everything, my friend. I cherish you.

Growing concerns over Novak Djokovic’s tennis future are stoked by his shocking declaration

The heartfelt statement raised questions about Djokovic’s future, with some speculating that it would indicate the 24-time Grand Slam champion is preparing for retirement.


However, Croft thinks Djokovic might already have a strategy for what will happen next, since she thinks a new coaching staff is likely in place.


According to Croft, it came as a bit of a shock on Sky Sports Tennis.


He sent out a very wonderful statement that made it very evident that they are still very close friends and that they have had a great time together.


“They have been together for almost six years. Twelve Grand Slam trophies have been won by them together, but I think it tells you all that Novak Djokovic’s tennis career is not at its best right now.


“He didn’t win in Australia, and for personal reasons, he decided not to compete in the Miami Open.


It will be fascinating, I promise. Who will he choose next?


“Who is he going to bring in if he wants to wring the last few drops out of his tennis career with all these kids chasing after him? This is a major choice. It’s fascinating because, at his age, time is so valuable.


Croft continued by saying that, given his recent spotlight-grabbing performance at the Miami Open, Carlos Alcaraz already poses a danger to Djokovic’s position as the top name in men’s tennis.


The next generation of great stars is stepping up to fill the void left by Djokovic’s absence from the tennis circuit. Croft is impressed with the Wimbledon champion’s form and star power.


“Carlos Alcaraz is still very much active. To far, he has only dropped fifteen games. “He performed well enough to do well in Indian Wells,” she continued.


“After winning Wimbledon, he noted that despite his recent ankle issue, he feels like he can move really freely. People swarm to watch him every time he appears on the practice or match court.


He has every shot in the book in terms of movement, entertainment, and shot choice. It reminds me a lot of Roger Federer at his best.

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