April 4, 2024

Report: Should Antonio Conte be appointed manager this summer, the club wants to “gift” a £51 million Tottenham player to him.


A team hoping to name Antonio Conte as their next manager this summer has put a top player from Tottenham Hotspur on their wish list.


The 16-month tenure of the Italian, who is considered by many to be among the world’s top managers, was at Spurs. Although his first season went well, his second year was a complete bust.


Conte chose to depart Tottenham Hotspur Stadium following a 3-3 draw against Southampton in March of last year, citing an outburst in public.


Since then, he hasn’t had a job, but this summer might see him return to work.



See Instagram Post: Club hoping to “gift” Antonio Conte a Tottenham player

For a variety of reasons, Antonio Conte’s tenure at Tottenham will not be remembered positively.


For the most part, he just didn’t seem to want to be there, and to make matters worse, it was awful to watch him play football.


Still, Conte accomplished a few commendable things while at Spurs. With Fabio Paratici’s assistance, he brought in a few very good players, some of whom are now important players under Ange Postecoglou.



Dejan Kulusevski, an attacker for the Swedish national team, is one such player.


The 23-year-old has been a fan favorite at Tottenham since joining the team in January 2022. Although he is a regular under Postecoglou as well, he has recently become an attractive target for Napoli.


The Italian champions want to “gift” Kulusevski to Conte, according to TuttoMercatoWeb, and they plan to name the Italian as their next manager this summer.


The Swede is reportedly valued at €60 million (£51 million) by Spurs, although a summer transfer is regarded as “more of a dream than reality.”


According to the source, Kulusevski is not only an important player for Tottenham but will also cost Napoli more than €5 million a year. This would be expensive for the Partenopei as they would also need to pay Conte a substantial sum of money.


Antonio Conte Kulusevski Dejan Tottenham and Napoli


The statistics of Dejan Kulusevski under Ange Postecoglou and Antonio Conte.


It’s not surprising that Dejan Kulusevski is adored by Tottenham supporters because he’s a terrific player.


The 23-year-old Swede has been a tremendous asset to Spurs since his arrival, and his skill set will only grow in the upcoming years. He is already skilled enough to be a member of the majority of Premier League teams.


Kulusevski scored seven goals in 47 appearances while playing for Tottenham under Antonio Conte. Not only that, but he was a fantastic 15 assistant. Back then, the Swede contributed a direct goal every 145.6 minutes on average.


Kulusevski, on the other hand, has played in 31 games under Postecoglou and has six goals and three assists. Each 275.2 minutes, that amounts to a direct goal contribution.


Kulusevski’s performance under Conte is obviously superior, which is presumably why Napoli is interested in signing him should the Italian take over as manager. We just can’t imagine a scenario in which Tottenham sells him this summer.


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