April 8, 2024

Following James Maddison’s absence from punishment for the two-person brawl at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, Ryan Yates has demanded greater uniformity from the referees.


Yates went down clutching his stomach in the final moments of Tottenham’s match against Forest, urging the referee to look into VAR.


The midfielder shoved Maddison, according to the footage, and the Tottenham player responded by sticking his arm in his midsection, sending the midfielder to the ground.


After the match, Nuno Espirito Santo remained adamant that Yates had been struck in the stomach by the England international and that the on-field referee should have been questioned again by the VAR.


But Jamie Redknapp and Roy Keane both called the incident “out of hand,” stating that the Forest star had fallen too quickly.


Ryan Yates was attempting to irritate Maddison.

Yates has since talked about the event and acknowledged that he was trying to get close to Maddison.


James Madison is a good player, and I know he makes them tick, said the 26-year-old. It’s my responsibility to stop the momentum. Although we may not have won every decision, the Premier League has shown inconsistent play this season.

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Maddison got away with it because another official in the VAR room might have interpreted the event differently. It would have been quite severe if the midfield player had been sent off for that. For a brief moment, the England international lost his cool and nearly caused serious damage to his team.

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