April 18, 2024

Wyndham Clark of the PGA TOUR is not purchasing Masters data: The star of the PGA Tour, Wyndham Clark, stated, “I just find it really hard to believe” in response to data from the 2024 Masters Tournament suggesting a sustained drop in TV viewership.



Ben Smith

Wyndham Clark Wyndham 18 April 2024 Wyndham Clark According to Clark, he finds it difficult to accept that the 2024 Masters ratings decreased.


The official statistics for the first major of the year revealed that the downward trend in golf audience ratings persisted.


The Sports Business Journal reports that the number of Masters Sunday winners was 20% lower than that of Jon Rahm’s 2023 triumph.


The Masters Tournament averaged 8.2 million viewers over the course of four days, with a peak of 12.56 million viewers.


Matthew Fitzpatrick of England stated prior to the RBC Heritage that viewers are disinterested and tired of hearing about money.


Fitzatprick’s remarks were echoed by world no. 1 player Scottie Scheffler, who asked for a change in the perception of men’s professional golf.


Taking a jab at the rival LIV Golf League, Clark missed the cut at the 2024 Masters and wasn’t buying the statistics.


“See, I just find it really hard to believe that ratings are down,” he stated.


“It’s great if you’re at the tournament,” he continued. Those that I do know who are viewing it, I believe, really enjoyed it.


“Golf appears to be expanding. Golf sales have probably increased. I am aware of the rise in golf memberships.


“It makes no sense that the professional level that the viewership would be down.”


In reaction to a reporter who made a forgetting Masters moment, Ludvig Aberg responds perfectly.


Clark Wyndham Wyndham Clark Clark expressed his belief that the data may be biased due to viewers coming from several platforms.


He remarked, “It seems to me that people are watching it through alternative channels than perhaps the traditional transmission because everyone is streaming?


“That seems like a slightly biased statistic to me because it defies logic that while the professional level isn’t increasing, every aspect of the game is. That’s kind of how I feel about it.”


Leading golfer Rory McIlroy will undoubtedly take notice of Clark’s remarks.


At Hilton Head, McIlroy is also on the field.


In 2024, he called the PGA Tour’s TV numbers thus far “pretty jarring.”


He declared, “If you look at the PGA Tour’s TV ratings this year, they’re down 20% overall.”


That represents a fifth. That is significant. Twenty percent is a startlingly high percentage.”


According to McIlroy, reunifying the men’s game is the only way to address the issue at hand.


ESPN’s ratings for the first two days of the 2024 Masters appeared promising.


“Golf flourishes when we’re all back together,” McIlroy stated. “When we’re divided, it doesn’t.

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