April 19, 2024

Two days following the end of yet another magnificent Masters, some less than stellar news regarding a former employee of Augusta National Golf Club surfaced.


According to the Chicago Tribune, an ex-employee was accused of stealing millions of dollars’ worth of Masters memorabilia and souvenirs during a 13-year period in federal court in Chicago. On Tuesday, a one-page criminal information was filed that forbade the charges.



From 2009 until 2022, Augusta resident Robert Globensky, 39, was accused of removing “millions of dollars’ worth of Masters golf tournament merchandise and historical memorabilia” from the club. What function he served in at Augusta National is unclear.


According to reports, Globensky transported pilfered products to Tampa, Florida, and was also charged with smuggling stolen goods across state lines. What those things were and the reason for the Chicago accusations are unclear.


Over the years, Augusta National has fought a number of legal fights, including a lawsuit against an auction company for the sale of a green jacket and a crackdown on ticket scalpers for the Masters.


The Chicago Tribune reports that in situations when accusations are filed by information rather than by a grand jury, defendants “usually plan to plead guilty.” No arraignment date has been set for Globensky.


Globensky would have to return all stolen items and any money earned from them if proven guilty.

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