May 31, 2024

Ryan Garcia’s legal team has said two supplements which have been submitted to VADA came back positive for Ostarine contamination.

Garcia faces a battle to clear his name after he failed VADA tests for the Devin Haney fight. Urine samples taken on April 19 and April 20 showed the banned substance. Ostarine is known for allowing people to lose fat and increase stamina/muscle. Garcia’s B sample also tested positive, which casts doubt over his victory against Haney.

Garcia dropped Haney three times before he won a majority decision. However, the latest news could help Garcia receive a lighter punishment. Under strict liability, fighters are responsible for what they put in their body. Haney’s team has requested that the New York State Athletic Commission disqualify Garcia and give Haney the win.

Garcia Reacts

Two supplements were tested and the results from the Sports Medicine Research & Testing Laboratory (SMRTL) allegedly showed contamination. The supplements were ‘NutraBio’s raspberry-lemonade-flavored “Super Carb” and BodyHealth’s “Perfect Amino” powder. One substance had “70-2200 picograms [of ostarine] per gram powder,” while the other was “approximately 660-830 picograms per gram powder.” Garcia’s team are now confident they have proved innocence.

“The test results from samples of two supplements ( NutraBio’s raspberry-lemonade-flavored “Super Carb” and BodyHealth’s “Perfect Amino” powder) have returned positive for Ostarine contamination. This confirms what we have consistently maintained: Ryan was a victim of supplement contamination and has never intentionally used any banned or performance-enhancing substances. Any claims to the contrary, questioning Ryan’s integrity as a clean fighter, are unequivocally false and defamatory.

“Throughout his career, Ryan has voluntarily submitted to numerous tests, all of which have returned negative results, underscoring his commitment to fair and clean competition. Additionally, multiple negative tests leading up to his fight against Haney further affirm his clean record. The ultra-low levels of Ostarine detected in his samples, in the billionth of a gram range, along with his clean hair sample proves contamination rather than intentional ingestion. The recent test results reiterate this,” Garcia’s team

Conte Responds

Nevertheless, Victor Conte has hit back at those claims. The founder of SNAC, who works with VADA, has stated that Garcia’s team submitted supplements that were already opened for testing. Therefore, it was impossible to trust the integrity of any results since the contamination could have been done from outside of the supplement company. Conte stated it comes across as incriminating in an attempt to prove innocence. Conte also claimed that NutraBio and BodyHealth are the gold standard for supplements, saying they are ‘certified.’

“To gain a no-fault ruling or a ruling of contamination, [testing authorities] are not going to accept open containers. The New York Commission won’t accept these results from a container that’s been opened. You’ve got to be joking. This sounds awfully fishy. This is some’’[rubbish]. The procedure is to test a sealed product, and several of them,” Conte stated

The news has understandably drawn huge talking points with Garcia’s career on the line. If he cannot prove his innocence, there is a chance he faces a hefty ban.


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