June 5, 2024

Ian Poulter, Tyrrell Hatton, Henrik Stenson and Lee Westwood are facing a major issue just days before the start of LIV Golf Houston.


On Thursday, the MajesticksGC’s X account posted a video of Poulter asking Hatton, Stenson and Westwood where they thought their golf clubs were, with a varying degree of annoyance in their voices when asked. “Tyrrell, where’s your clubs?” Poulter asked.


Hatton swore before laughing as he continued to look at his phone for an answer. When asked again about his suitcase, the 32-year-old Englishman had the same reply. Poulter retorted sarcastically, stating: “Probably back in Heathrow. Well done.”


When the 48-year-old asked Westwood where his luggage was, he replied: “Heathrow. Where am I? Houston” – which elicited laughter from Poulter.


Overall, this is just the latest chapter in Poulter missing out on his luggage on the way to the next tournament. Houston marked the first event in a month, with the league having a break and Poulter was less than pleased to know he and Stenson would be in the United States without their clubs.

Shortly after taking off, Poulter was informed his golf bag was not on the same flight. Though he had no clear evidence to support that his bag was on the other side of the world, Poulter made it known that he was not at all pleased to receive a text message stating his bag would not be with him.


Lee Westwood made his frustration known

Lee Westwood made his frustration known ( Image: X/@MajesticksGC).

On social media, Poulter shared the text message he received from British Airways which read: “Dear customer – BA regret to inform you that a bag has not travelled with you today.”


Poulter continued to share his thoughts on the issue on his Instagram stories. “So disappointing,” he told his followers. “I checked in two hours (and) 20 minutes before the flight. What could possibly be the excuse. Just received the email three hours into the flight. I wouldn’t have bothered flying if you’re not sending my golf clubs. Can’t swing fresh air.”


Poulter added that the bag was not “overweight” and showed a photo of where it could be in the event the airline is looking for the bag.



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Poulter added another message, explaining how Stenson’s clubs were in the same general area as his bag. “@british_airways just for the record there are @henrickstenson golf clubs as well. You might as well find those as well whilst you’re looking for mine. The one thing you guys do very well is charge for flying.”


Houston marks the start of the second half of the season, and Poulter and the rest of the Majesticks would do well to start off strong. So far, it stands in 12th ahead of only Kevin Na and Iron Heads GC.


Hatton, meanwhile, is 11th in the individual standings while helping Jon Rahm and Legion XIII comfortably sit in second place behind Crushers GC. In Late June, LIV will be at The Grove in Nashville.

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