June 10, 2024

Shakhtar Donetsk may take Tottenham to court over the Manor Solomon move.


Solomon took advantage of a FIFA regulation that allowed foreign players in Ukraine to suspend their contracts due to the ongoing crisis by joining Spurs on a free transfer last summer.


With his contract with Shakhtar expiring at the end of 2023, Solomon was still able to sign with the Lilywhites without having to pay a transfer fee because to this verdict.


According to Matt Law, The Telegraph’s football news writer, Serhiy Palkin, the chief executive of Shakhtar, has denounced Tottenham’s activities and charged the team with exploitative and unethical behaviour.


He maintained that Solomon should have received a sizable sell-on clause or a transfer fee for Shakhtar.


The Ukrainian team feels that they have been wrongfully denied the opportunity to acquire Solomon, whose market value is estimated to be at €13 million. As a result, Shakhtar are considering taking legal action to get paid.


Palkin brought up the fact that Spurs had offered a 10% sell-on price for Solomon’s future move, which he thought was low for a team of Tottenham’s calibre. He emphasised that the player’s actual value was not reflected in the offer, which was insufficient.


In the past, Shakhtar had challenged the FIFA decision that let their international players to depart, but both FIFA and the Court of Arbitration for Sport had turned down their appeals. Shakhtar is currently suing clubs, such as the Lilywhites, that profited from this decision.


It’s still unclear how Shakhtar’s possible legal action will be resolved.


Because Solomon has been out of action for 33 games since last October owing to a meniscus injury, Tottenham has not yet reaped the full benefits of his signing.


There have even been hints that the club would be open to selling him this summer. Paul O’Keefe, a reliable club insider, reportedly stated that the team is considering bids for him.

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