June 10, 2024

Even if their defence was dreadful the previous season, you have to wonder how things may have turned out differently if they had a legitimate striker who played well all season. Even though Jarrod Bowen scored a lot of goals and Michail Antonio showed improvement towards the end of the season, they still glaringly missed having an effective No. 9.


However, they have been dealing with this problem for a number of years. Antonio’s lack of match fitness is well known, which is why they have made several attempts to recruit a replacement. Regretfully, thus far, their efforts have yielded no results.


Nonetheless, it is evident that the recruitment team is committed to getting it right because several elite strikers are being considered. Regretfully, one pundit believes that Tottenham Hotspur may be poised to lose out on one of their most interesting objectives.


There are several sources that connect Ivan Toney and the Hammers. Although there are several teams vying for the Brentford striker, there’s no evidence to suggest the East London team couldn’t afford him. Paul Robinson, the former goalie for the Spurs, thinks they won’t be able to defeat his old team to sign Toney.


“This is the best chance to go grab Ivan Toney,” Robinson stated to Football Insider. “Arsenal had been linked to him since January, and there was a lot of noise that they could sign him then, but that connection has vanished.”


“It appears that Tottenham and West Ham will compete for his signature. From a Tottenham perspective, you would like to think you have a good chance of convincing him to join if Tottenham plays West Ham. With Toney’s international experience and his track record as a goal scorer in the Premier League, Brentford potentially acquire a fantastic player.


“If Tottenham loses, they’ll be disappointed. Go grab him right away if the club wants him; there won’t be another chance.


It would be a little strange for Toney to attend the club renowned for being bottlers, given how much he seems to care about his image. They play football in Europe, of course, but West Ham won a significant European prize just a year ago, and with his assistance, they have a good chance of returning there at the end of this season.


Although Tottenham is seen as a “greater” team than West Ham, the reasoning behind this has grown increasingly hazy in recent years.

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