December 9, 2023

Chris Davies, senior assistant manager of Tottenham Hotspur, is rumored to be joining Swansea City of the Championship.


According to reports from yesterday, the Welsh club, who has become a strong candidate for the managerial position after Michael Duff was fired, made an approach, but the club rejected it.


And although the report from yesterday suggested that Tottenham would stick with Davies and not give up, Ange Postecoglou’s remarks from today imply otherwise.


The Tottenham manager was questioned about whether the team has turned down an approach and whether Davies is saying this to the media earlier today, prior to the team’s match against Newcastle.


Ange commended his colleague and described him as a “outstanding” person before asserting that the choice to leave was entirely his own.


No, but we’ll concentrate on that because Chris and I had a quick talk and he knows we have a busy week ahead of us. He is a remarkable person who has performed excellent work both with us and in the past. I don’t find it shocking that Swansea or other teams would consider him. To be honest, that is what you desire.


“You want good people, and good people will draw attention to themselves. In my opinion, Chris has a significant influence over the outcome. Regarding his future plans, that is his choice, and the club will undoubtedly handle it from there.


His comments suggests that the decision to leave for Swansea is upto Chris Davies and that the club may not come in his way if he decides to leave.

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