December 12, 2023

Jermaine Jenas expressed his admiration for James Maddison and selected his all-time Tottenham team based on his playing colleagues as well as the current roster.


Ever since he joined Tottenham in the summer, Maddison has been an absolute revelation. Prior to his injury, he was playing at an extremely high level, and he has been praised by many for his significant contribution to Spurs.


The former Leicester midfielder is already establishing himself as a valued member of the team by scoring goals and providing assists.


As part of the team’s strategy to make up for Harry Kane’s goals, Maddison joined. Additionally, he was doing a good job of it prior to injury.


James Maddison is receiving high marks from Jermaine Jenas.

Of course, Jenas had some excellent teammates during his Spurs career. Jenas chose his former teammate Maddison over Robbie Keane when asked who he would choose, but he insisted that “Madders” will be a huge asset to the team.


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Jenas even made a claim about Kane in an interview with the Daily Mail when he talked about Maddison.


That is really difficult, ouch. I’m heading to Keano. Every song is about Keano. And Madison, in my opinion, will be that. Since Harry Kane, I believe he will be the biggest thing at the club,” Jenas remarked.


Madison was signed by Tottenham for about £40 million, and it already appears like a great acquisition.


The England player is playing some excellent football under manager Ange Postecoglou, and if he hadn’t been injured, Spurs might have even been winning the league.


The former Coventry player is expected back in January, and he will feel like a new signing in a month where new signings are allowed.


Madison is essential to this Spurs team. It’s unclear if he will have the effect Jenas suggests in this passage. It’s still a kind compliment, though.

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