December 18, 2023

Archie Brown, an English star for Gent, was being linked to Leeds United, Everton, and Burnley. However, an update has surfaced, indicating Leeds is reportedly making the most effort to sign Brown.

Brown’s value is increasing. In 2021, the 21-year-old defender unexpectedly left England to join Lausanne from Derby. He made an impression on the Swiss team, earning a summer transfer to Gent.


According to a report from last week, Burnley, Leeds, and Everton are all interested in bringing the left-back back to the English game. a player who has declared his desire to be the greatest left-back in the world.

An update has now been released from Belgium. Leeds is reportedly making more of an effort than any other interested party, outperforming teams like Everton, Burnley, and German and Italian teams, according to Voetbal Krant.


According to the report, clubs will have to pay more than the £2.5 million that was paid to entice him to Gent in the summer, which means that he will cost us or any other club at least £5 million. It expires in 2027.


Leeds is working very hard to sign Archie Brown, a target for Everton.
Brown would be a fantastic addition and could be the long-term answer to our persistent problem on the left side of the defense. a player who has shown in European football that he has enormous potential.

The problem is that because he has already played for two different clubs this season, Leeds would have to wait until the summer to sign him. His performance for Lausanne preceded Gent. FIFA only permits two teams per league year.


In order to keep him playing, Leeds would have to wait until the summer to sign him, or sign him in January and loan him back to Gent. Maybe Leeds will look to pursue this deal.





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